Amish Kitchens by Abode - Ottawa, Ontario


Where to begin?

Renewing your kitchen or bathroom can be one of the most complicated remodeling projects. There are many decisions you will need to make throughout the process. You will want to choose wisely who will help you through the decision making process. At ABODE we understand the kitchen is the heart of your home. The disruption that goes along with changing that heart can be very hard to deal with. We work with you to make a plan that minimizes the disruption and allows your home to continue to function as well as possible during the process.

The kitchen should reflect your lifestyle. It should accommodate your cooking needs, provide the type of space you need for dining and offer plenty of storage. The selected d├ęcor should complement your home's architecture and set the tone for gatherings that happen there. A lot of factors play into kitchen design, but the first step before choosing appliances or visiting a cabinet showroom is to set some goals for your space. It is always a good idea when you see an interior space you admire to take notes or snap a picture. Or clip photos of spaces you like in magazines. Soon, you'll have a collection of styles that speak to you that you can use to mix and match ideas and create your personalized room.

One of the most important factors in any kitchen renovation is the budget. No one wants to lay awake at night worried about what they have started so it is important to know up front what you are prepared to spend. There is no point in falling in love with a 60" range that is the price of a car if that only leaves enough left in your budget for a hook to hang a pot on. At ABODE we can work with almost any budget and will help you maximize that budget and advise where the money is best spent to protect your investment. When it comes to adding value to your home, money spent in a kitchen or bathroom re-model gives the highest return.