Amish Kitchens by Abode - Ottawa, Ontario


ABODE and SCHROCKS team work with only the best materials. All of SCHROCKS custom Amish cabinetry is made of solid hardwoods chosen specifically for the look and durability you require. Only select hardwood stock and cabinet grade plywood is used, never particle board.

With the variety of options available, we offer a selection of hardwood options with your choice of character or premier woods and finishes such as stain, paint, glaze, distressed or soft sanded. Each choice and combination brings a unique characteristic that can add to your style.

Abode Kitchen & Bath - Ottawa, OntarioWhite Oak
White Oak also known as crown, flatcut, cathedral. Highly resistant to the environment, very hard, may be a bit more color consistent than Red Oak. Quartered and Rift sawn have a striking grain appearance.
Quarter Sawn White Oak
Also known as flake or Tiger Oak. Quarter sawing produces “flecks” or “rays” on the surface of the lumber. These are shiny streaks that are produced when a medualry ray is “split.” Quartered White Oak often has large golden stripes.
Rift Sawn White Oak
Also known as straight grain, false rift and comb grain. Rift lumber retains the technical advantages of a vertical grain as with quarter sawn but without flecks giving the wood a very ordered and uniform appearance.
Abode Kitchen & Bath - Ottawa, OntarioRed Oak
Red Oak has Distinctive open grain and can vary from almost white to brown to gray in coloring. These are normal variations in the color of oak.
Rustic Red Oak
Same characteristics as Red Oak but will have knots of various sizes giving it a rustic feel.
A very hard, heavy wood. Hickory has several color variations from almost white to dark brown and black. Extreme variations are expected in hickory, that charm is the appeal for many.
Abode Kitchen & Bath - Ottawa, OntarioRustic Hickory
Same characteristics as Hickory but will have knots of various sizes giving it a rustic feel.
A very hard and heavy wood. It is known for its lighter color and less distinct grain. Color variation usually ranges from almost white to medium brown. Maple works very nicely with glazed finishes.
Birch is a smooth, even grained hardwood that is predominately off-white with some brown variation. Birch cabinets in a wiping stain will not be consistent in color. The ends of the stiles and the cross grain profile in the raised panel will be much darker than the rest of the door. In addition, the face frame, doors, and drawer fronts can be different colors. This is not considered a defect but desired by those wanting a “rustic” look.
Abode Kitchen & Bath - Ottawa, OntarioCherry
Known for its aging process. The wood may start out almost white to light brown to pinkish red but will darken with age with its sensitivity to light. Cherry darkens over time with exposure to light, especially the sun and will continue even if the wood has been finished.
Clear Alder
A softer, smooth wood. Alder is consistently pale in color and has no Abode grain.
Abode Kitchen & Bath - Ottawa, OntarioKnotty Alder
A closed or tight grain hardwood with hardness comparable to soft Maple. Color can vary from pale-pinkish brown to white. The wood is known for its open and closed knots, pin holes, and gum spots that are not defects.
A whitish to reddish brown, straight-grained wood with small gray flecks included. Beech is easily stainable and will imitate virtually any of the common hardwoods. It is considered a “green” renewable wood.
Rustic Beech
Same characteristics as Beech but will have knots of various sizes giving it a rustic feel.